Don’t get scammed trying to buy cheap tickets

TULSA, Okla. — When searching for concert tickets to her favorite performer, Melanie Olson saw an ad online, that looked legit.

“There was a lady from one of our local chat sites that was selling the tickets for a cheap price.”

The ad stated the person bought tickets to a concert Melanie wanted to go to… “this lady said these tickets were her that she was not able to use.”

So Melanie venomed her $220.

Over Facebook Messenger, the seller told Melanie she was having trouble sending the tickets.

Oh, no, Melanie thought.

“I teach don’t make a whole lot of money and as soon as I transferred the money I was blocked.”

Then, four days after getting scammed out of the tickets, Melanie discovered her bank account was hacked and emptied.

“To see that account say zero was pretty devastating,” Melanie says.

Melanie posted about her ordeal in a local chat group. Soon, reports about the same seller started swarming in.

When Melanie reported the scam, she got some bad news.

She was most likely out of luck.

“Had a really nice talk and she said the same thing-you know marketplace Venmo pay pal-they all seem so secure and they aren’t.”

After falling victim to a scammer, Melanie says she’ll be more careful from now on. It’s important when buying tickets, you always ask for proof.

Do your research on the seller.

Melanie says, “If something looks off or feels off don’t do it.”

And remember … always be skeptical of a good deal.

In most cases, cash apps like Venmo will not refund your money.

The best thing to do is to contact your bank and report the scam to the Federal Trade Commission.

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