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Our first holiday season with unrestricted flight regulations is here and it’s no surprise that many of us are eager to embark on an overseas vacation.

While the thought of holidaying is extremely tantalising, any fastidious and frugal traveller will know the pain of planning for the ‘perfect’ trip.

That stress is all too familiar to many of us, which is why we have compiled some of our favourite 2022 travel hacks to help take some weight off your shoulders.

Scoring cheaper flight tickets

The very first thing on our minds when we plan a vacation is the expensive airfares, especially if you’re travelling during the peak period.

But before you scour the internet trying to look for cheaper alternatives or discount codes, you might want to check out these hacks first:

If you’re a student, you might want to book SQ

@lingdingd0ng Reply to @user613751324 hope this helps!!! oh and you’ll need to do this every year #singaporeairlines #studentprice #tiktoksg #flighttickets #hacks ♬ original sound – lingz

What? Aren’t students supposed to be broke? Well, Singapore Airlines know you have a smaller budget — which is why you might be eligible for a discounted flight ticket. 

According to SIA’s website, student perks include a 10-per-cent discount on economy and premium economy tickets, up to 40kg of baggage for flights to and from US and Canada, as well as a complimentary booking change.

For more information on the deal, read our article here.

Take advantage of exchange rates

In an article we covered in July, TikTok user shared how to score cheaper flight tickets in a viral TikTok video — which is to book flight tickets on your destination country’s Skyscanner site. how get cheaper flight tickets by CHEATING THE SYSTEM #travelhack #brokebackpacker #singapore ♬ original sound – Miss Winnia

Other netizens also noted that you can try booking from any country’s domain and compare the prices, albeit at the expense of the process being convoluted and taxing. 

Nevertheless, this hack does not always work — it really depends on the country you’re flying to. Some commenters have also advised against using Skyscanner, as tickets booked through the site might not carry the same cancellation privileges as directly booking with the airline itself.

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Budget flights

Of course, the other cheaper option would be to book budget flights.

While budget airlines typically have a reputation for bad customer service, there is still a way to secure a pleasant experience if you dig hard enough.

$350 flight to Seoul – but with huge legroom and good food

A Singaporean blogger shared last month that she managed to secure a round flight to Seoul for $350.

But it wasn’t an ordinary budget flight, it had “bigger than usual” legroom, delicious meals, and even an in-flight entertainment system.

@luvthecalories Strongly recommend this to everyone! Plane was new and clean too! #singaporetiktok #sgtiktok #sgtravel #sgtraveller #sgtraveltok #changiairport #airpremia #sgtravels #sgtravelblogger ♬ Pink Venom – BLACKPINK

This is what you might be able to experience if you fly with Air Premia — a South Korean carrier dedicated to making flights affordable while providing top-notch service.

Air Premia, however, currently operates with a three-plane fleet (which explains its cheap tickets), so you might not be able to fly to your destination at your preferred timing.

$529 ‘business class’ ticket to Tokyo

Travelling on a budget, but still expecting a relatively lavish experience?

@dy_travelogue Watch till the end for the cost! #fyp #budgettravel #budget #zipair #zipairtokyo ♬ Steven Universe – L.Dre

As TikTok user Dy_travelogue had shown us, Japan Airlines’ budget arm, Zipair, apparently offers a cheaper ‘business class’ option for around $500 and it comes with an in-flight entertainment system to boot! 

Surviving long flights

Most of us can barely feel comfortable in our narrow airplane seats for a couple of hours on a full-fledged airline. Now, picture yourself flying for 13 hours on a budget airline.


landed with arthritis

♬ 2942 – maximilian

Well, that was exactly what TikTok user Ichoosemaximilian recently went through by flying to Berlin with Scoot. The two things that made his flight more bearable? A neck pillow, and apparently a $17 in-flight laksa meal.

Nonetheless, most netizens seemed to agree on avoiding taking budget airlines for long-haul flights altogether if possible.


Speaking of Europe, any seasoned traveller will warn others of the danger of pickpockets on the continent.

Just this month, a Singaporean woman took to TikTok to share how she was targeted by different pickpockets twice in a 24-hour time frame in Athens.

@calladion Part two of pickpockets in Athens #fyp#fypage #greece #pickpocketing #pickpocket ♬ original sound – Calladion

The TikTok user Calladion proceeded to give some advice on how not to fall victim to pickpockets:

  • Carry a sling bag instead of a backpack
  • Use a keychain to secure the zips together if you have to use a backpack
  • Put your phone down, especially in crowded places (for eg, the metro, tourist attractions and shopping districts)
  • Enter a convenience store or a restaurant if you feel like you’re being followed
  • Put valuables in the most “unreachable” parts of your bag, and place other items on top to conceal them
  • Refuse unsolicited assistance from strangers

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Prevent theft on airplanes

Pickpocketing or any theft in general can happen — even when you’re up in the air.

In a recent TikTok video, former Singapore Airlines flight attendant Amber Tan shared an instance where a passenger had come up to the crew to report some lost cash. However, there’s not much the cabin crew can do to retrieve the stolen items.

@heyamber.tan Sometime it happen among crew too 🫤😰 #tiktok #foryoupage #fyp #tiktok #theft ♬ original sound – Amber

She then advised travellers not to store valuables in the overhead compartment, and they should keep them in front or under their seat on the plane.

Think twice before Instagramming your air tickets

In May, TikTok influencer Jason Ho shared how he was able to obtain another influencer’s personal information – even down to the last four numbers of her credit card –  from a seemingly innocuous half-second clip which featured her flight ticket.

With that information, he was able to see her destination and was able to cancel her flight if he wanted to.

@coachjasonho PSA: Personal information hack #learningisfun #PSA #lifehacker #singaporeairlines #coachjasonho ♬ original sound – Coach Jason Ho – Coach Jason Ho • 🚀Career 🇸🇬

As such, you might want to double-check whether you’re leaking your personal details before flaunting that boarding pass on your Instagram story. 

Save money on food and shopping

Travelling is already expensive enough, but there are unique experiences in a foreign land that cannot be bought again when you’re back at home.

This is why you might want to reconsider if you’re spending your money on the experiences that matter.

$188 tailored dress or tourist trap?

TikTok user Leeshuhadah shared on a post dated Sept 7 that she got a silk dress for US$135 (S$188) at a reputable tailor shop in the Vietnamese city of Hoi An. The process took three hours.

@leeshuhadah 📍Hoi An, Vietnam | this was 135USD because my dress was mostly made with pure silk! #fyp #tiktoksg #vietnamtravel #tiktokvietnam ♬ Sunroof – Nicky Youre & dazy

While the woman was satisfied with her purchase, some netizens thought that it was too expensive, with one commenter even questioning its quality. Others, however, thought that it was worth it considering the silk material and were impressed by the short turnaround time.

Home-cooking local food while abroad

Would you continue to cook local food while overseas to save as much money as possible?

The Singaporean couple behind the TikTok travel account Wethecurioustravelers went to Switzerland and thought that the food there was too expensive. So they decided to take matters into their own hands and cooked local food from scratch, such as bak kut teh and laksa, while on vacation.

@wethecurioustravelers Food can be crazy expensive in Switzerland so we brought a full suitcase of food there and cooked our own meals 😂 no regrets for the extra baggage tho! #traveltok #travelguide #foodiesg #travelhacking #switzerland ♬ Woo Young-woo, the Same Backwards and Forwards – Roh Young Sim

Netizens were divided by the couple’s decision to do so, with some commenting that they are better off “watching National Geographic” at home. But, one netizen reminded everyone that it’s a matter of preference.

After all, who wouldn’t want to save money?


Ultimately, you should ask yourself what factors you want to prioritise for your trip and plan it accordingly. Do your research, consult your friends and family, and always be vigilant.

But most importantly, don’t forget to have fun amid all the stress. Bon voyage!

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