December 9, 2022

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Holiday travel could be a bumpy ride

BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) – Airline travel has soared back with a vengeance since the beginning of the pandemic, leaving some airports and airlines unprepared for this summer’s travel surge.

AAA predicts 3.55 million people will travel by air this holiday weekend. They said even though airfare is up 14% and hotels rates have increased 23%, the demand remains high.

“I mean you know they lost a little part of themselves when we had Covid hit. So, people want to get back out there, they want to travel, and we understand that and we try to cover the best ways possible to make that happen,” said Elizabeth Belgarde with Awake Me Now Travel Agency.

As airlines and airports attempt to recover workers from the pandemic, there is a chance that your flight will get canceled. Belgarde said whether you’re booking through an agent doing the work yourself, don’t skip on this essential extra.

“Make sure that they have travel insurance. Biggest thing, do not go out there without any travel insurance at all, it’s very important. If you don’t. you run the risk of not getting a refund,” said Belgarde.

Travel insurance can save you from losing out on money and using a travel agent can save you from losing out on vacation time otherwise spent investigating new flight schedules, or locating a lost bag, even a medical emergency can be covered. Reading the fine print and the terms and conditions is another way to make sure you close any loopholes before you pack up your bags and settle in for holiday travel.

Belgarde said if your flight gets canceled, immediately contact your travel agent, if you booked the flight yourself head to the front desk to find out your options.

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