Karen Keeps Demanding Free Things From This Travel Agency Even Though She Already Got A Refund, Gets Embarrassed In Front Of Members Of Her Church

If you have ever had a customer-facing job, chances are you’ve had to deal with a bunch of interesting people.

It’s not a secret that it’s a highly stressful sphere. You constantly suppress your emotions because you must be polite and friendly regardless of the situation; you frequently juggle many obligations and a tremendous workload, which usually leads to burnout. The list could go on and on – however, if it was a matter of a choice, most of us would probably prefer to be drowning in work than encounter yet another entitled customer who believes that the world revolves solely around them.

Such people can be tough to please, even if you go out of our way to satisfy them – plus, let’s face it, they probably don’t even respect the position. But although the vast majority of us aren’t willing to jeopardize our job for the sake of letting off a little steam, it doesn’t hurt to humble them when it’s absolutely needed.

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Although the world-renowned motto says that the customer is always right, it doesn’t mean that they’re always reasonable

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Want to try to embarrass me in front of my clientsUm…. you brought this on yourself then” – this travel agent turned to one of Reddit’s well-known communities to tell a tale about how she got her sweet revenge on an entitled customer. The post has managed to receive nearly 5K upvotes, as well as 144 comments discussing the situation.

Travel agent humbles client who keeps showing up at the office to bully her into a freebie despite already receiving a refund on her canceled trip

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The woman began her story by revealing that she works as a travel agent, and one of her clients, “K”, is known for having issues with everything the company has done for her. The thing is, quite a while ago she booked a trip that was canceled due to COVID-19 lockdowns back in April 2020. The majority of places were closed, and she wasn’t flexible about destinations, so the representatives couldn’t do much. Eventually, they decided to offer her a full refund, meaning that there was no profit despite all the hours of effort.

“K” had her trip canceled due to COVID-19 regulations, and ever since, she’s had issues with everything the company’s done for her

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“K” was under the impression that the travel company had to get her a free trip as she believed that it was solely their fault she couldn’t go on her planned trip. Now, here’s the craziest part: every week the woman would make a grand appearance at the office to harass staff members into giving her some sort of a freebie. Although it never worked, “K” was very persistent and kept making her visits since the issue of her refund.

Last week, the author of the post was talking to a couple of new potential customers in her office when “K” decided to show up. The building’s waiting area is located centrally with all the cabins around it, so she saw the OP serving other people, yet she made her way over and began knocking on the door constantly.  Naturally, it was a huge distraction, so the OP had no other choice than to excuse herself and open the door.

She would frequently visit the agency to badger them into giving her what she wanted since she believed they owed her a free trip

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The woman advised the terrorizing client to take a seat – however, she wouldn’t have it and demanded the OP speak to her about the trip she “ruined”. Needless to say, the woman could tell that this remark concerned her new clients, so she decided to put a stop to it. The travel agent looked at the couple and asked whether it would been okay if “K” stepped in, while also telling them to remain in their seats since it would only take a couple of minutes.

When the OP was talking to her potential clients, “K” showed up and demanded she speak to her about the trip she allegedly ruined

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The new clients shrugged their shoulders, and the author requested that “K” confirm whether she was supposed to leave for her destination in March 2020. She then followed this up with a few other queries about the airline that she was traveling with and how it canceled the flight due to the pandemic without the possibility of a refund.

She invited the woman in, told her new clients to remain seated, and began her verification process

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The woman confirmed everything. She did try to interrupt the OP, but she was fast to shut her down in an incredibly professional manner and demanded she let her finish the verification. The travel agent’s next question was about the destination-change offer they had proposed, and once again, “K” replied with a yes.

The author of the post stated obvious facts that didn’t paint “K” in the best light

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The woman also acknowledged the fact that she declined those places with no explanation and that she didn’t manage to reply to any of the company’s emails asking her to let them know what she was looking for on this trip so they could potentially plan something else for her.

Every question and answer confirmed the fact that she was an entitled customer that just wanted to cause drama

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But, surprise, surprise, as soon as “K” felt a little too threatened with the confrontation, the woman uttered that she had to head to a meeting that she totally forgot about – yet the OP advised that she spare her a couple of minutes, so she wouldn’t waste her trip to the office.

After repeating that the cancellation was beyond the company’s control, “K” apologized and stormed out of the office

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The travel agent then requested that “K” confirm that when she didn’t reply to any of their emails, the company issued a full refund and absorbed the cancellation fees/deposits of her non-refundable reservation – to which the woman, again, said yes. After the OP’s final verification question, she asked the unhappy client to tell her what she’d like the company to do, since the cancellations were beyond their control and they actually lost money themselves after giving her a refund.

Later on, the new clients recognized “K” and said that she went to their church

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The woman uttered “no, nothing,” apologized, and left the building. After her successful intervention with “K”, the OP returned to her clients who were, in fact, very understanding. But what was even more interesting was that they recognized her and said that she attended their church.

As it turns out, the author knew that “K” went to her potential clients’ church, so she deliberately invited her into the cabin

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A couple of days later, the OP received a phone call from her friend who was wondering about this whole situation, and that’s where the woman admitted that she knew that her new clients and “K” went to the same church, so she deliberately invited her into the cabin.

She also discovered that the woman loves to berate people to get what she wants, but at least her whole church was made aware of the scandal

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Time went by and the author of the post discovered that “K” loved to berate people to get what she wanted. Turns out, the woman was expecting more money from the travel agency, but at least her entire church was made aware of her crazy little episode.

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