Mechanic Saved a Family’s Dream Holiday With Quick Fix for Wheelchair Malfunction in Aussie Outback

Mick Scott and Cooper Greenwood – credit Kyrsten Greenwood

A good, honest mechanic is worth as much as the car you bring in for him to service, and in a small country town of just under five-and-a-half thousand people, a local mechanic’s talent saved the day and gave a wheelchair-bound child the vacation of a lifetime.

9-year-old Cooper Greenwood from Sydney has Aicardi-Goutières Syndrome, a rare disease similar to cerebral palsy. His family was already enjoying an outback adventure around Northwest Australia’s Kimberly region in a motorhome when his electric wheelchair broke.

The chair allows Greenwood to move about with liberty—decide where he wants to go and what he wants to do, and without it, his mom says, he becomes very frustrated and depressed.

Cooper tries not to let his disability get in the way of living his life, and the wheelchair is a big part of that. However he was determined to carry on with the trip and began hitching a ride with his dad in a special backpack.

As the family was preparing for the next leg of their journey, they took to social media and asked if anyone in the small town of Kununurra, Western Australia, knew how to fix sophisticated electric wheelchairs. Someone responded that the Greenwoods should call Mick Scott.

“When they did bring it in, I sort of agreed to have a brief look at it and I’ve seen the size of the chair and I thought it must be for a really young fella,” Mr. Scott told ABC News Au.

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Scott diagnosed the problem and even managed to find the part he needed and get it shipped via express post to Kununurra while the family went to the next stop on their trip around East Kimberly’s Mitchell Falls, where Cooper was able to go up in a helicopter for the first time.

The Greenwood family recently enjoyed a dream holiday in the East Kimberley – credit Kyrsten Greenwood

When they returned from camping, they discovered that Scott had the wheelchair ready to roll out, after which Cooper’s mom Kyrsten described him as an “absolute legend.”

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“Just super, super happy to be able to get them sorted and I don’t know about legend status, mate—but, yeah, we try our best,” Mr. Scott replied.

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