Tallahassee travel expert gives insight on how to avoid travel woes at airports

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) – Delays and cancelations seem to be all too common for travelers flying across the country.

Anyone who has flown recently knows it’s pretty much a toss-up whether or not you’ll get to your destination at the time or on the day you’re supposed to.

The good thing for those traveling in and out of Tallahassee is that they haven’t experience any delays at all. But for those who have, a travel expert gives some insight on what to do to get through it.

Thousands of travelers have been traversing the country and are feeling stuck.

Delays and cancelations are causing them hours, even sometimes days long headaches.

But some traveling into Tallahassee International Wednesday didn’t seem to have that problem.

“I’ve heard about what’s been going on across the country and I’ve been a little fearful going into this trip but I’ve been very fortunate that things have gone smoothly for me,” said traveler David Hughes.

Hughes is returning from a trip to Michigan and says he does what he can to make travel easier for him.

“Heading out to Michigan I booked a 6 am flight so that helps. I also have TSA pre-approval so that gets me through security pretty quickly,” shared Hughes.

A move Gil Gamache, who owns Sun World Travel, highly recommends.

“The best thing to do is to schedule a flight early in the day. If you go in the afternoon or in the evening then you are more than likely going to experience a delay of sorts,” explained Sun World Travel Owner Gil Gamache.

Gamache says this July 4th weekend saw a lot of canceled and delayed flights due to excess travel and workforce shortages for some airlines. And while you can be accommodated by airlines, its not promised.

“The airlines can do a lot for you but they’re not obliged to,” stressed Gamache. “People say oh well you know the airline is going to give me a hotel, they’re going to get me a meal voucher and stuff and they can but they don’t have to.”

So to avoid these travel woes, Gamache suggests planning your trips thoroughly and early. But the good news is, he doesn’t expect this trend to last long.

“I think some of it will still take place so I think it’s going to get better. Things will get back to normal if you want to call it normal,” said Gamache.

The Tallahassee International Airport says they haven’t experienced delays and flights have actually been early. Good news for travelers like Hughes who says he’ll stick to his routine.

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