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Everyone always complains that the holiday season means being in the middle of a fight between your 90-year-old grandma and your mother about something insignificant. I love this. 

Other people’s favorite part of the holidays might be the food or presents, but not me. I live for drama. Not my own drama, but from my extended family. 

As soon as I became one of the adults, even though I barely qualify, I started hearing all the family drama. The aunts, uncles and cousins who no one likes. I live for these moments. Sitting silently in the corner listening to the crazy stories of why the family doesn’t talk to someone anymore is amazing.

I would never know these things, if the holidays didn’t bring us together to talk about the important things — drama. How else would I know my great grandma was arrested? These stories are really what make the holiday season feel right.

We see eachother once or twice a year, so everyone has been gathering the hot gossip they need to get off their chest for months. A year of drama over one dinner means no time to be bored. 

I don’t miss sitting at the kids’ table in a chair too small for me. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to give up my spot at the adult table now that I know the true privilege behind the table. 

I think the best part of it is that none of it affects me at all. None of the things my family is making a huge deal about actually matters. As long as we stay away from politics and keep to the family drama, it will all be fine. 

Going home for the holidays, I know I always have at least one thing to look forward to and that’s our Christmas dinner with a side of gossip.

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