USA Today Reports Most popular International Travel Destinations By State

Ever wonder where your neighbors are traveling? Are they headed to Italy for a pasta gorge-a-thon or to Portugal or Panama for gorgeous views? A new study looks at where people from each state are headed internationally, as reported by USA Today. You might find that your fellow state residents are going to the same place—and maybe that confirms your good choice, or you want to be a maverick and are now hastily adjusting your plans.

We’ll warn that the list ­is already somewhat biased, since it’s based on travel insurance data from Squaremouth, and many of us do not insure our trips. But for those 6,600 insured summer trips, planned by more than 15,000 US travelers, that the newspaper staff examined, information emerged about the most population international destination by state.

For instance, Italy, the United Kingdom and France top the list, perhaps no surprise, in that order (21 states chose Italy, 10 chose the U.K. and four chose France). A striking 43 percent of all travel insurance plans comprise trips to Europe. Fun takeaways: Vermont, Hawai’i and Mississippi are the only states whose top destination was not shared by any other state (Czech Republic, Japan and Canada, respectively). And three states did not have data—they must have devil-may-care residents who don’t bother with insurance. They are both Dakotas and Wyoming.

Here, listed by state, is the most popular international destination for those who purchased trip insurance:

Alabama: Bahamas

Alaska: Germany

Arizona: U.K.

Arkansas: Mexico

California: Italy

Colorado: France

Connecticut: Italy

Delaware: Italy

Florida: Italy

Georgia: U.K.

Hawai’i: Japan

Idaho: Italy

Illinois: Italy

Indiana: Italy

Iowa: Norway

Kansas: Italy

Kentucky: U.K.

Louisiana: Mexico

Maine: France

Maryland: U.K.

Massachusetts: U.K.

Michigan: Italy

Minnesota: Italy

Mississippi: Canada

Missouri: Italy

Montana: Ireland

Nebraska: Bahamas

Nevada: Italy

New Hampshire: Germany

New Jersey: Italy

New Mexico: U.K.

New York: Italy

North Carolina: U.K.

North Dakota: n/a

Ohio: U.K.

Oklahoma: Mexico

Oregon: Italy

Pennsylvania: Italy

Rhode Island: Mexico

South Carolina: Italy

South Dakota: n/a

Tennessee: Italy

Texas: Mexico

Utah: Mexico

Vermont: Czech Republic

Virginia: U.K.

Washington: Italy

Washington, D.C.: France

West Virginia: U.K.

Wisconsin: Germany

Wyoming: n/a

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