What UK Travellers Should Know

Skyscanner’s ultimate guide to save big on Black Friday. Here’s how to shop around for the best Black Friday flight deals and what to watch out for.

People across the United Kingdom are gearing up for some fantastic Black Friday airline deals. While many associate big sales with items like televisions or clothes, there’s also an array of Black Friday airfare deals to be had. Airlines are rolling out substantial discounts, meaning you could get discounts on your next flight. 

Whether you’re longing for an exotic getaway, itching to reunite with loved ones or yearning for a city break in Edinburgh or a round trip to New York, it could be the perfect time to capture those cheap flights that you’ve been waiting for. 

In this piece, we’ll guide you through it all, showcasing the best flight options and travel deals available on Black Friday, whether it’s a long-haul flight to the USA or a multi-city European tour. With airlines like British Airways, EasyJet and Virgin Atlantic previously offering enticing deals and the potential to find additional savings through promo codes or vouchers, your dream trip is within reach. 

Stay tuned for tips on snagging the best prices, from early check-in perks to Cyber Monday follow-up deals.

Understanding Black Friday flight deals

Feeling the pinch from rising flight costs? This Black Friday could be your ticket to savings. Even with international fares from the UK going up by 18 per cent, Black Friday offers a chance to snag some great deals on flights to Europe, America, Canada and more.

Black Friday isn’t just for scoring the latest tech or fashion anymore. It’s a chance to turn your travel dreams into real plans without breaking the bank. 

Ready to hunt for deals? Start your flight search with Skyscanner.

How to simplify the Black Friday flight hunt

Navigating Black Friday airfare deals can feel like a whirlwind, but we’ve made it our mission to streamline the process, making it easy for you to find the best flight prices.

Keen to explore multiple destinations without stretching your budget too thin? Skyscanner’s “Explore Everywhere” feature is handy for finding attractive prices on flights globally — whether it’s London, Manchester, Edinburgh or a Christmas beach getaway to the Canary Islands.

Not sure about when to fly for the most favourable rates? The “Whole Month” feature allows you to easily find the cheapest dates within any given month. And for ambitious travellers plotting an extensive journey, the “multi-city” feature simplifies hopping from city to city.

We show flight prices from various airlines, so you don’t have to dart from site to site hunting for promo codes and discounts. 

Everything you need to book flights is on Skyscanner, setting the stage for you to get the best Black Friday airfare deal.

Practical tips to make sure you’re getting the best deals

Before you input those credit card details, here’s how to ensure your deal is genuinely great.

Check for hidden fees 

It’s exhilarating to stumble on a great flight deal, but remember to scrutinise a bit further. Sometimes, that affordable ticket comes with strings attached.

Additional baggage fees can creep up on you, especially if you’re going on a lengthy trip or require multiple bags. Skyscanner never has any hidden fees, but of course, additional baggage typically comes with a cost.

Fancy a seat with extra legroom or near the window? Some airlines add a service fee for specific seats. Don’t overlook the in-flight amenities: What appears standard, like a meal or entertainment, might actually carry an additional charge.

Always check the disclaimers and fine print. You’ll often find the specifics mentioned there, listed in GBP or other currencies. And while travel insurance is a sensible choice, ensure it’s not bolted-on to your bill without your approval.

It’s always wise to know what’s included in your ticket and what might emerge as an unexpected surprise. This way, you can genuinely benefit from the deal without any unpleasant surprises.

Compare prices

Black Friday can be a challenge. Some retailers and airlines talk-up their deals to sound more appealing than they truly are. Here’s a tip: compare the Black Friday airfare with the usual prices.

You can check if one airline’s Black Friday deal beats another’s regular price, or if that discount is as significant as they claim. By comparing prices across different airlines and against usual rates, you’ll ensure you’re getting a genuine bargain and not merely being taken in by the marketing.

Look for bundle deals

Thinking of putting together a trip? Skyscanner provides a one-stop platform where you can compare prices for flights, hotels and car hire.

With all these options at your fingertips, it’s easier than ever to price out your entire trip and find the best deals for each component. It’s a smart way to make sure you’re getting the most for your money.

Understand booking flexibility 

When it comes to flights, especially discounted ones, flexibility is key. Consider this: What would I be charged if I need to alter my flight date? Can I cancel without a hefty penalty?

Skyscanner provides information on these policies, but always cross-check with the airline’s specific terms. A ticket that’s slightly more expensive but includes free changes or minimal fees might be better value in the long haul.

Consider the airline’s reputation 

As we’ve explained, it’s not just the price tag that determines if you’re getting a genuine deal. The airline’s reputation plays a significant role in this too.

Before hitting the “book now” button, spare a moment to research the airline. Is it renowned for delays? How do other passengers rate their customer service? 

In the end, a marginally more expensive ticket with a reliable and well-reviewed airline might be worth more than a cheap flight with endless delays and subpar service.

Common pitfalls and how to avoid them

As you embark on your Black Friday flight hunt, here’s what to avoid:

  • Overlooking the final airport destination. Always check the airport’s proximity to your final destination.
  • Ignoring additional costs. From baggage fees to choosing your seats, always factor in all the costs.
  • Being swayed by misleading advertising. Check offers using Skyscanner to ensure you’re getting the best price.
  • Failing to compare multiple offers. Compare prices and ensure you’re securing the best deal.
  • Neglecting to read the fine print. Understand your booking’s terms and conditions.
  • Waiting too long to book. The early bird catches the worm and sometimes the best flight deals!
  • Ignoring off-peak hours. Sometimes, flights at less popular times (like red-eye flights or mid-day departures) might offer better rates.
  • Trusting prices without checking dates. Some deals might appear attractive until you realise the travel dates are inconvenient or during a less desirable season. Check the travel window associated with the deal.
Woman viewing flight schedules at the airport to prepare for boarding

How to use Skyscanner to stay ahead on Black Friday

By activating Price Alerts, you can get instant notifications when airfares to your favourite destinations change, whether it’s a sunny retreat to the Algarve or a European adventure. Don’t overlook top spots within the UK and Europe, as city-to-city deals are usually available during the sale.

Be sure to download the Skyscanner app. It’s not just about checking prices — it’s about being the first to know when they change. This means that while others are just beginning their hunt, you’re already one step ahead, ready to book some stellar deals.

Ready to get a head start?

Beyond flights: Discovering hotel deals on Skyscanner 

Secured that perfect flight deal? Excellent! But the journey doesn’t end there. Combining flight and hotel bookings can often lead to extra savings, besides simplifying your travel planning. Whether you’re in search of family fun in Blackpool or romance in Paris, Skyscanner has options for every traveller.

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach, check out our top tips for hotel deals for even more ways to save. Interested in scoring a great hotel deal?

Black Friday vs. Travel Tuesday

You might be familiar with Black Friday, but there’s another day that’s making waves for travellers: Travel Tuesday. It falls right after Cyber Monday and is quickly gaining a reputation as the go-to day for airline tickets. So, which is better for snagging cheap flights?

Black Friday flight sales boast a wide appeal. However, the Tuesday following Black Friday is often a better day to book flights as airlines may offer even better deals on this day, making it a hidden gem for bargain-hunters​​.

Why the buzz on this day? By this point, most have their holiday plans sorted, and after a shopping marathon from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, thoughts of next year’s getaways might be on the back burner. This quiet period is when airlines and hotels swoop in with enticing travel deals and offers, nudging individuals to start planning their next adventure.

That being said, Black Friday still holds its ground, especially for those eyeing all-inclusive travel offers to places like Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean.

The takeaway? Keep a close watch on both days. Using Skyscanner, savvy travellers can compare, stay updated and be ready to snatch the best travel deals, whether they materialise on Black Friday or Travel Tuesday.


Go beyond Black Friday with flight deals

Black Friday is a big deal. But savvy travellers know that fantastic flight deals can pop up any time of the year. The trick? From setting up Price Alerts to comparing prices on the go with the Skyscanner app, you’re primed to seize those deals whenever they arise, not just on Black Friday.

Skyscanner can help you find the best flights, hotels and car hire deals
for your next trip.

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