Why I Still Use a Disney Travel Agent (and Always Will)

When I booked my first trip to Disney, I was clueless. I needed a travel agent to help me figure out how this place worked- I had a ton of misconceptions and needed a lot of guidance. Now, years later, I no longer rely on a travel agent to teach me the ins and outs of the parks, but I still book every trip with one. Here are my top reasons why!

1- I don’t have to wake up early to book reservations.

If I’m being honest, this is one of my main reasons for still using a Disney travel agent! I can figure out my dining in advance, share my plan with my travel agent, and then snooze away while my reservations are made. I get to wake up, check my Disney app, and see all my reservations safely secured. No 5:45 am wake-ups for me, thank you very much!

2- They check continuously for new promotions and deals.

I’m not good at checking for discounts. Sure, when I originally buy something online, I’ll check for a promo code, but if a deal comes out after the fact, I’m definitely not continuously searching. Using a travel agent allows me to be secure that my price is the best price available.

3- It’s free.

I know I had (incorrectly) assumed a Disney travel agent would be a paid service, but since the pay for their service comes from Disney, it is not a cost that I, the customer, incur. This is the no-brainer reason. Why WOULDN’T I keep using a travel agent that allows me to sleep in at the 60-day mark when it doesn’t cost me anything?

4- They stay on top of Disney news.

Now, as a bit of a Disney-obsessed super fan, I can say that I, too, am usually on top of Disney news, but for the typical visitor, this is huge. They will keep track of parties and ticketed events, changes to park hours, and anything that will impact your trip. This is critical, especially if you are trying to get the most out of your hours in the parks.

5- Need to call customer service? They’ll handle that for you!

If you’ve ever been on the dreaded other ends of a long hold with a customer service agency, you know how draining the process can be. Disney can be known to have long hold lines, especially when there are new promotions or specific changes that arise. When you use a travel agent, these long holds can be handled by someone other than you! This gives you time back in your day and absolutely leads to less frustration.

There are a lot of reasons to use a Disney travel agent, with the five above being just the tip of the iceberg. In my experience, your travel agent will be as hands-on (or hands-off) as you want. At this point, I don’t need recommendations for restaurants or basic park information. I just want someone to book my reservations and call customer service if for some reason my needs can’t be handled online. I am so thankful to have a service like this available to me- and for free! If you haven’t tried using one before, let Dreams Unlimited Travel book your next vacation!

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